Who We Are


Allyson Ward, NNP-BC, RN, BA, AS

Graduate prepared neonatal nurse practitioner with special training in infant and childhood nutrition with advanced preparation in preterm and term infant feeding acquisition.


Marcus Ward, MS, BA

Master’s prepared in Music Technology with special focus on multimedia, interactive and web-based instructional design. Developer of multiple websites using HTML, CSS and Flash AS3 scripting and educational websites utilizing MySQL.


Selected titles of web-based instructional modules include the following:

SIDS Awareness of Childcare Providers

Whole Grain Selection in Meal Preparation for Children

Addressing Obesity and Physical Activity in Preschool-Aged Children

Supporting Breastfeeding in the Childcare Setting

A Guide to Infant Formula for Preterm and Term Infants

Infant Feeding Difficulties

Evidence-Based Solutions for Picky Eaters

Parents as Active Participants in Meal Selection

Infant and Preschool Safety for Caregivers

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